Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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 GQ, the magazine formerly known as  Gentlemen’s Quarterly, and which began as Apparel Arts in 1931 as a publication for the men’s clothing trade, has of late taken to providing literary advice.  It published a provocative article entitled “21 Books You Don’t Have to Read.” Each title suggested by various writers and editors for oblivion was offered with another title offered as a replacement. Not surprisingly, the proposition generating the most controversy was the inclusion of The Holy Bible as a book you don’t have to read, with the chosen replacement turning out to be The... (Read More ...)

If you have been reading the articles and considering the ideas found through this web site, this is a question you are likely to ask. When you recognize that we are in a cultural crisis, your first instinct is undoubtedly to search for a solution. But the usual places you might expect to be part of the solution, schools, government, and the entertainment industry, are part of the problem.Each of these contributes to the causes of our crisis. Schools are too often busy trying keep up with fads and fashions. Your children and grandchildren should be acquiring the tools to learn about the best of... (Read More ...)

Is it ever too late to learn anything new? Are you ever too old to begin studying new subjects and exploring new ideas? Yes, suggests Ezekial Emanuel, a middle-aged physician who has written “Why I Hope to Die at 75,” an article which appeared in The Atlantic. Dr. Emanuel’s views matter because he isn’t just any misguided medic. He was one of the principal designers of Obamacare ; no doctor had greater access to the ear of the President of the United States. Dr. Emanuel’s views matter for another reason. His outlook, negative, pessimistic, and defeatist, masquerades as well-intended advice... (Read More ...)

Technology can be truly astonishing, but today we often confuse technology and wisdom. Many of the greatest creators and thinkers of history produced works of great beauty, inspiration, and profound insight, using tools we would regard today as primitive. Using a computer doesn’t guarantee that the user is producing great music, writing a brilliant book, or reflecting wise and profound ideas.  The great composers and writers throughout history didn’t have access to today’s technological wonders. The finest musical masterpieces were written by hand, as were the novels and books... (Read More ...)

Ray Bradbury was the world’s most famous and admired writer of science fiction. Although a prolific author, he never graduated from college and was instead the product of self-education and an intense desire for learning. He set an example for all of us. You’re never too young or too old to learn and there is no telling what you may accomplish through curiosity, enthusiasm, and a desire to achieve.  When he graduated from high school in the midst of the Depression, he didn’t have the funds to go to college. So he decided to educate himself and draw upon the great minds and teachers... (Read More ...)