Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Cultural Conservation is truly a philosophy, a mindset, a movement, and an organization. It is a philosophy that stresses the value of conserving what is important in our society and recognizing that conservation doesn’t take place by accident.We have magnificent national parks today, but these parks might not even exist were it not for the efforts of conservationists to preserve them. Cultural Conservation is a mindset, an understanding of the difference between change and progress, between new and improved, between eternal truths, timeless values, and the fashions and fads of the moment.... (Read More ...)

Do the music, books, and art we choose matter? Just as we preserve our natural treasures, our streams, lakes, forests, and national parks, we must preserve our cultural legacy. Otherwise the best of our culture will fade into an undeserved oblivion. Is choosing a book to read or a piece of music to hear no more important than expressing a preference for baseball or football, chocolate or vanilla, driving or flying? There is an major difference. These other choices may not impact our lives. But what we read, the music we hear, the art, motion pictures, and plays we see, all convey ideas. For the... (Read More ...)

  Not long ago, only birds twittered. Google was a comic strip. The Web was spun by a wise spider in the book “Charlotte’s Web.” Now everyone twitters and tweets. We  are all in a hurry and think that everything worth saying can be said in 140 characters.   Technology has provided untold blessings for society. But technology often places great emphasis on speed. Fast computers, faster e-mails and text message, and even the fastest food.  People, we are told, have a short attention span. So if you can’t capture public attention with a catch phrase or a quick picture, your message... (Read More ...)