Mark Evans, Ph.D. is a writer, composer and an experienced communicator and broadcaster known for his rapport with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Audiences and readers have been “marking his words” on his popular television program which airs on the Pinehurst, North Carolina television station he founded, on radio, in his newspaper column in The New York City Tribune, and in his numerous books for adults and children. (He also collaborated on books with such varied personalities as Robert Stack and Xavier Cugat.) He is known as a skilled raconteur who can both inform and entertain audiences, drawing upon a multifaceted background in music,writing, broadcasting, and education.

Dr. Evans literally grew up in the world of film music in Hollywood with a background as pianist, composer, and conductor. His book, “Soundtrack: The Music of the Movies,” recognized as the definitive book on the history of film scoring, became the basis for one of his most popular presentations featuring anecdotes and musical demonstrations at the piano. In his broadcasts and appearances before live audiences, Mark addresses many topics.

Among these are:


His most recent speaking appearances have been based on his provocative new book, “Mark! My Words: How to Discover the Joy of Music, the Delight of Language, and the Pride of Achievement in the Age of Trash Talk and Cultural Chaos.” He was inspired to write the book when he observed students emerging from school unfamiliar with any music, classical or popular, other than what they’ve encountered on social media. Many haven’t read a book that hasn’t been assigned to them in years. Although many are unfamiliar with the basic facts or heroes of American history, they are experts on the lives of current media celebrities.

Mark’s message is directed to parents, grandparents, teachers, a student, or anyone who cares about music, books, art, language, and our history as a nation. He presents compelling evidence that change and progress are not synonymous and that “new and improved” often means a bigger box and fewer corn flakes. Mark My Words! offers a critique of our celebrity-driven pop culture and offers solutions for both society and the individual, explaining how you can discover the best music, books, art, language, and our vanishing history that are constantly ignored by the media. He provides numerous anecdotes, often with humor, about a serious crisis that may result in the irretrievable loss of our cultural heritage and explains why we have become a nation of hares instead of tortoises




Mark’s musical programs have been inspired by his books, “Our Musical Heritage: From Yankee Doodle to Carnegie Hall, Broadway, and the Hollywood Sound Stage” and “Soundtrack: The Music of the Movies.” He is concerned about the general public and particularly students who are completely unaware of the remarkable men and women responsible for the tremendous legacy of American music. His programs are educational and entertaining; informative, but never pedantic. He combines stories, anecdotes, and history with remarkable demonstrations at the piano.

Audiences will be surprised and delighted to learn that composer signed the Declaration of Independence, why we sing patriotic songs, and about the composer, one of his own teachers, who was born in a log cabin on February 12 In Lincoln County, Oklahoma and aspired to become “The American Beethoven.” He explores the origins of jazz, called by than one historian “America’s classical music.” He presents the best of the Broadway musicals and The Great American Songbook. Having been mentored by several of Hollywood’s most distinguished film composers and conductors, he shares the story of motion picture music in an absolutely unique way. His programs include one featuring all four genres of music and one devoted entirely to his specialty, film music.



Why should you invite Mark Evans to speak before your organization?

Ask anyone who’s ever heard him address a live audience or “marked his words on radio or television.” He’ll deliver a presentation you won’t forget.

Don’t just take our word for it. Consider what the Rev. Bill Smith wrote after Mark accepted an invitation to speak to his organization:

You gave a masterful performance yesterday in the Grand Hall following the Men’s Breakfast. Indeed, I would rate it as SUPERB. Not only for its content (which held the audience in the palm of your hand) but your style.

You projected your voice clearly, moved easily from subject to subject and greatly impressed the audience with your references to a vast number of musical geniuses, many of whom you knew personally. Only you, with your deep commitment to Cultural Conservation and extraordinary experiences on both the West and East Coasts (including Washington, D.C.), are capable of such a captivating presentation. I heard only high praise throughout the day {March 12} for the program. So we thank you from the depths of our hearts. You exceeded our highest expectations. Pity the person who follows you next month.

Rev. Smith had high expectations for speakers. His idea of a great speaker was his friend and college classmate, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

For further information about Mark speaking to your organization or on your campus, contact:

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