A Personal Plan of Action for You

Cultural Conservation is the answer!

Cultural Conservation is a movement that brings together people who want to do something about our cultural crisis. By working together, we can make a difference. But you can accomplish so much on your own, especially in taking action to provide your family with information, guidelines, and a road map to the best of our arts, language, and history.


What can you do? How can you begin?

Our cultural crisis is a challenge, but you and your family can find a solution.

Cultural Conservation is a web site that can help you!

Among the regular features of this site are: 

  • Updates and posts to keep you informed about opportunities and challenges in self-education. While the media either focus on problems, they often ignore the solutions. We won’t. 
  • A clearinghouse of information that can be specifically applied to the needs of your family. We’ll gather information from across the country and around the world so that you can be informed as to the best ways for you and your family to explore our culture. 
  • A systematic approach to helping your children and grandchildren encounter the best of our culture that they may miss if they depend only on school and the entertainment industry. You may be startled at the inability of many of our schools to introduce students to our cultural legacy. But  solutions are available, often developed by talented men and women who don’t receive public recognition. 
  • Regular reviews of fine music and books that may be likely to escape your attention. As the host and producer of many radio and television programs, I’m painfully aware that the work of many of our finest musicians, artists, and writers receive no attention through the media. So you simply never hear about them. If you subscribe to our Cultural Conservation web site, you’re likely to discover dozens of musical and literary treasures that are almost never in the spotlight. 
  • Access to the Cultural Conservation Telesummit featuring dialogues with distinguished men and women known as experts in all areas of culture around the world. 
  • As our community of Cultural Conservationists grows, I will schedule phone conferences  specifically geared to address you needs and questions and to work with you personally to achieve your goals. 
  • Audio and video presentations that you can use in your own home to share with members of your family and that can bring  a new world of the arts, history, and education to you. 
  •  A place to comment and interact with other families making the same effort to see that their children and grandchildren encounter the best of our culture.

Most important of all, our site can bring your family together in a virtual setting to experience many of the same discoveries and pleasures that families used to share.

If your children and grandchildren are exposed to the best of our culture early in life, they will be fully prepared to hold their own when confronted by the onslaught of today’s pop culture.

 You will be able to share our best music, books, language, art, and history as a family. Small children have a very different view of our culture when they are exposed to it early in life.

 As for teenagers, they often don’t know what the like, they merely like what they know.

Think of what it can mean to your family to share a cultural experience, whether you’re in the same house, the same city, or anywhere around the globe.