Mark! My Words (How to Discover the Joy of Music, the Delight of Language, and the Pride of Achievement in the Age of Trash Talk and Cultural Chaos)

By Mark Evans


Editorial Reviews

Mark! My Words is a jewel. It should be required reading for every senior high school and freshman class in the nation. Should be #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list. ….Frank Covino, renowned artist-teacher 

What a splendid denunciation of the rubbish that gets “celebrated” nowadays, with a wealth of examples of the rubbish AND of real artistry! …Christopher M. Armitage, Professor of Distinguished Teaching, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

A boldly critical review of contemporary culture, such an eloquently articulated appeal for a return to true standards Stylish, lively writing…Donald Armour, Reuters/BBC.

In his many talks, interviews, television commentaries, and more recently a book, Evans makes some good points about how culturally illiterate we’ve become- and how we’re suffering from cultural amnesia. Mark Wineka, Salisbury Post

This is a powerful look at the state of the arts in our world, with thoughtful ways to save our culture for future generations…Chris Dunn, Executive Director, Arts of Council of Moore County, North Carolina

To talk with Dr. Mark Evans is to take a pleasant walk under whispering pines. A simple question will often solicit a winding path of knowledge that you can’t help but enjoy and learn from. His thoughts are interspersed with allegories, parables, and examples that have you eagerly wondering what’s around the next bend….Greg Girard, Pinehurst Living Magazine

Mark! My Words rang like a ray of hope, a breath of fresh air… Dr. Aurelio de la Vega, Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Music, California State University, Northridge and world-renowned composer

Deftly written, giving pleasure as well as information to the reader. Mark Evans’ depth of knowledge and culture is impressive…Robert Taylor, Reuters

This is a literate good read – an understanding of where we are now, what we may have lost and how we need to redeem the very essence of civilization ..Jan S., Reader Review,

Mark! My Words is a page turner and a great breath of a different air that we all need…Bill Sahadi Review on Amazon com

Mark! My Words is a marvelous book. It should be a “must have” item for all universities, libraries, and compulsory reading lists.. Robert B. Bronec

Mark Evans is a marvelous wordsmith. Once one begins to read Mark! My Words, it’s difficult to put down… Brendan Walsh, legendary broadcaster, Sydney, Australia