Thursday, August 16, 2018
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  You may be tempted to shout, “Of course not!” But think again. Beethoven was a popular 1992 film about a giant St. Bernard that was named after the legendary composer. The film found such a large audience that a sequel was produced and titled Beethoven’s 2nd. If your children aren’t encountering classical music, they may well think that “Beethoven” is the name of the dog or the movie in which he starred. Nor is classical music the only genre of music your children and grandchildren may be missing. Jazz, classic film scores, and pieces from the Great American Songbook are also... (Read More ...)

Dr. Miklos Rozsa, renowned Hungarian composer of music for films and the concert hall expressed his musical beliefs in his memoir, “Double Life.” He said, “I have no time for any music which does not reflect pleasure in life, and more importantly, pride in life.”  His music, like his life, reflected great personal integrity. His musical career was extraordinary, because as one of the world’s most celebrated film composers, he was able to thrive professionally in the commercial motion picture industries in Paris, London, and Hollywood, without sacrificing that integrity.  His... (Read More ...)

Bernard Herrmann was an eminent composer of symphonic, operatic, and film music. He rejected all fads and fashions to pursue a musical ideal. At a time when many of his colleagues were tripping over their own feet in an effort to keep up with the latest trends in commercial music, Herrmann responded with an uncompromising “no.”  He detested musical charlatans, even those making millions of dollars a year. He paid the price for his outspoken integrity, enduring ridicule and sarcasm from those in Hollywood whose only interest was profit. Herrmann expressed his view when he said, “Music... (Read More ...)