Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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  This may seem like an absurd question, but think again. In England, a teacher named Katherine Birbalsingh spoke of her students, teenagers who think “Churchill” is an animated dog of the same name appearing in a television advertisement for an insurance company. Why would a fourteen-year-old student think that one of England’s greatest Prime Ministers is a dog? Birbalsingh blamed failed teaching methods which consider facts, figures, and basic knowledge to be “old-fashioned.” The Guardian, a British newspaper, conducted a survey of young adults, ages 18-24. Less than a third... (Read More ...)

  You may be tempted to shout, “Of course not!” But think again. Beethoven was a popular 1992 film about a giant St. Bernard that was named after the legendary composer. The film found such a large audience that a sequel was produced and titled Beethoven’s 2nd. If your children aren’t encountering classical music, they may well think that “Beethoven” is the name of the dog or the movie in which he starred. Nor is classical music the only genre of music your children and grandchildren may be missing. Jazz, classic film scores, and pieces from the Great American Songbook are also... (Read More ...)

Cultural Conservation is truly a philosophy, a mindset, a movement, and an organization. It is a philosophy that stresses the value of conserving what is important in our society and recognizing that conservation doesn’t take place by accident.We have magnificent national parks today, but these parks might not even exist were it not for the efforts of conservationists to preserve them. Cultural Conservation is a mindset, an understanding of the difference between change and progress, between new and improved, between eternal truths, timeless values, and the fashions and fads of the moment.... (Read More ...)