Sunday, November 17, 2019
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Technology can be truly astonishing, but today we often confuse technology and wisdom. Many of the greatest creators and thinkers of history produced works of great beauty, inspiration, and profound insight, using tools we would regard today as primitive. Using a computer doesn’t guarantee that the user is producing great music, writing a brilliant book, or reflecting wise and profound ideas.  The great composers and writers throughout history didn’t have access to today’s technological wonders. The finest musical masterpieces were written by hand, as were the novels and books... (Read More ...)

You can’t help learning every detail about the lives of the Kardashian family. If you are one of the few who don’t know who the Kardashian sisters (or their mother, brother, or other relatives) are, they are ubiquitous reality television stars. It’s impossible to escape news about any reality television star. The latest gossip relating who said what, did what, or gave what to whom is broadcast twenty-four hours a day, analyzed in countless blog posts and tweets, and literally shouted from the housetops. In contrast, news about the true achievers in our society is often hard to find. You... (Read More ...)