It is Better to Light CandlesIt is easy for us become frustrated and angry when we see what has happened to true culture in the 21st century. But instead of merely tilting at windmills like Don Quixote or spending all our time focused upon those who have created our problems, we can take a positive attitude and positive action. Those who have done so have truly changed the world for the better. While many among us have chosen to complain bitterly about the very real problems we face, others have chosen to something about them. Certainly we need to identify these problems. If we do not recognize our challenges, we cannot meet them successfully.  Lighting a single candle rather than cursing the darkness is not a new idea. It has been traced back to ancient China and was for many years the motto of the Christopher Society. 

Those who have made a difference have come from every walk of life, from every background. Some have been prominent and famed for their achievements in many fields. Others have functioned quietly in anonymity. Groups of men and women of all ages have gathered together to help conserve the best of our culture. But sometimes great deeds have been accomplished by a single person with determination and persistence. 

Cultural Conservation is a movement born not of despair, but of realism. It is a movement of opportunity and a movement of hope. Let us begin! To learn more about the opportunity and the movement and what you and your family can do to help, please click here

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