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How Listening to Good Music Can Shape Your Famly For The Better

How Listening to Good Music Can Shape Your Family For the Better

A society that preserves its natural resources
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  • quill-175980_640 What is Cultural Conservation?

    Cultural Conservation is truly a philosophy, a mindset, a movement, and an organization. It is a philosophy that stresses the value of conserving what is important in our society and recognizing that conservation doesn’t take place by accident.We have magnificent national parks today, but these parks might not even exist …

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  • Do Your Children Think Churchill is a Bulldog?

      This may seem like an absurd question, but think again. In England, a teacher named Katharine Birbalsingh spoke of her students, teenagers who think “Churchill” is an animated dog of the same name appearing in a television advertisement for an insurance company. Why would a fourteen-year-old student think that …

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  • Mark! My Words on Books- “Rhyme and Punishment”

          “Rhyme and Punishment” is newly discovered autobiography of Richard Armour, a world-renowned humorist and academician who wrote over sixty-five books and thousands of light verses. For the first time, readers can discover his adventures leading what he called his “double life,” in “cap and gown” and “cap …

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  • Lighting Candles Rather Than Cursing the Darkness

    It is easy for us to become frustrated and angry when we see what has happened to true culture in the 21st century. But instead of merely tilting at windmills like Don Quixote or spending all our time focused upon those who have created our problems, we can take a …

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  • Mark! My Words on Music: The Remarkable Ray Turner

    Ray Turner was a pianist whose brilliant work at the keyboard was heard and admired by perhaps more people than any other pianist in history. But even the most committed music-lover may say, “Ray Turner, who’s he? I’ve never heard of him.” There’s a reason why. Ray Turner played the …

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  • Consideration with an English Accent

                  For much of our history, Americans have been fascinated by what our British cousins have been doing across the pond.  This explains, at least in part, why Americans are captivated by such British television series as Downton Abbey and its earlier predecessor, Upstairs, Downstairs. …

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