Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Ronald Gross, a prolific author, editor, and educator, coined the term, “Risk Takers of the Spirit” to describe men and women bold enough to take steps on their own to go wherever their intellectual curiosity takes them. Gross observes that such journeys rarely follow a straight line. They are pursued by people who are more interested in knowledge than in diplomas, credentials, or titles. They do not have to follow a path defined by academicians or recognized by the media.

Gross found many interesting “risk takers of the spirit “ in his work. They include children and the elderly, people with considerable formal education and others with almost none. One of his favorites was a recognized scholar and conference organizer in the field of science fiction. While this man was highly respected in his chosen area of expertise,, he continued earning his living as a janitor.

To be a “risk taker of the spirit,” you need to be curious, interested in a subject, and willing to spend time and effort learning about it. You may never become an expert in your chosen field or your may make discoveries and draw conclusions that surpass those of those considered authorities . For the “risk taker of the spirit,” it is the journey through facts and ideas that matters.


Why is this important?

If you encourage your children and grandchildren to become risk takers of the spirit, they will never be restricted in their goals, ambitions, or pleasures. Conventional wisdom will not become a barrier to their going wherever their imagination takes them.

How can you do this?

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